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Unite and Impact the World

C.A.P.E.S. is the world’s first collectible NFT card game with a purpose.

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Creative Association of Peacefully Empowered Superheroes


this fast paced unique game with our physical card deck or our NFT-powered video game. Win some amazing rewards!


your physical and NFT decks as more players get aboard the CAPES journey. Watch the increase of your assets’ value!


and collaborate. Solve World Challenges. Trigger real donations to charities. 
Unlock mythic NFTs!

Abundant discord exists between CAPES’ 3 communities: the Spiritualists, the Technologists and the Industrialists. Three youth are invited to CAPES. When seeing the state of affair, they lead the association to more collaboration and solve the world’s challenge!

C.A.P.E.S.' Glimpse - © 2021 SYNCH MEDIA PBC

Impactful Partners

CAPES counts with close relationships with prominent partners across the globe to secure its technology and mass market outreach.