Mike Smart shares with us what he thinks about C.A.P.E.S. in this video.


Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Mike smart. I’m the CEO of smart digital payments. I’m excited about the case project because they bring financial literacy to kids across the world. And that’s one of our main focuses is to bring financial literacy to the underserved communities that Portland, Oregon start out with. We plan to scale globally. And we would love to support your CAPES project and their mission to do so as well. A couple of the solutions that I’m most excited about is the reforestation, and financial education of our youth. I believe the future of commerce is NF Ts and the Cape’s project has NF Ts through the gamification of superheroes that are the solution to these global issues. Each individual NFT has a specific character that’s based after a nonprofit that can actually have the function to solve these issues. We’re excited about our partnerships with CAPES moving on to the future. And we know this partnership is going to positively impact children all over the world.