Buying NFT has become today’s crypto finance hype, everyone is rushing to put their hand on a specific art or music asset in order to make some kind of significant investment. But, not all NFTs are the same or deserve to invest in. To make a remarkable investment out of an NFT art you need to do your search and go hunting for some good quality art with a reputation. As you see there are tons of NFTs out there made by unknown artists, that don’t deserve your money. Today, we are going to shed the light on best NFT practices and how to make your investment count.

Your Guide For Buying NFT And Selling It

Searching Remarkable Art

There are tones of marketplaces that sell NFTs art out there; OpenSea, SuperRare, Rarible and Makers Place, to name a few, you can scroll all these websites searching for a digital art piece that you like and are willing to invest in and they all have the same process. The tricky part is how to hunt the best and most promising art piece, it all depends on the artist, if you are a beginner who has no expertise in the crypto field then you should do your research. The first task is searching for artists who sell NFT art and the best place to find some is Twitter, most artists post their work out there to build a fan base and draw attention to their artwork. You can search based on genre, if you are seeking to collect a certain kind of art.

After making a list of talented and well-known artists and have a deeper look at how art should look and setting some criteria for the piece you are hunting; it is time to hit these marketplaces to make your next big investment.

How To Invest In NFT Art

Now you bought your new NFT and hoping to get a fortune out of it. Well, NFTs is less like a fortune cookie, you need to be patient by tracking your artists’ profiles, see how people interacting with them, what are they creating next, does their message change. The more your artists grow, the more will people have an interest in their work, especially their previous work. Just like the first tweet, did you see how much it was sold for?

So, based on your clever research, biding techniques, and of course financial skills you will be able to make more money in revenue.

Pro Tip: The Big Thing About Buying NFTs

Every piece of art has a message and every artist have a vision he/she wants to address from their point of view by putting out authentic and inclusive art piece to spread that message. The more the message has a global interest the more the art value will increase over time. Same as CAPES GAME NFT artwork, our message is to support the UN’s SDGs and improve financial literacy.

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