Awakened Faction Leader. Power: Knowledge, Balance and Transcendence
Mystery Card CAPES

Akasha is believed to have been reborn as a brave and just leader of every tribe in the Americas from the Ice Age to the modern day, even during their colonization by the European Powers.
This timeless journey has given Akasha unlimited knowledge, the gift of seeing beyond reality and instincts that are always proven to be correct.
A true embodiment of transcendental spiritualism.
He has a close relationship with nature, and strives to bring all of humanity into harmony with it.
The highly compassionate avatar and the eternal cosmic halo, together portray his mental serenity and befitting his name Akasha: vastness of knowledge.

Origin & Stats


  1. Retrocognition which allows him to touch someone and experience their past as if it was his own. He uses this ability for many purposes, like helping people with emotional suffering, and against foes to tell if they are lying.

Through this power he has learned much, and has also become one of the world’s most knowledgeable historians. It is his goal to make sure mankind does not repeat the mistakes of the past.

  1. Energy Healing
    Master of elemental and therapeutic healing, Akasha can recover, reinvigorate and rejuvenate any living form, by his senses of touch and sight.
  1. Terrakinesis
    Akasha also has the power of terrakinesis. This power allows him to manipulate earth at will. While he tries to avoid physical conflict whenever possible, he can use this to subdue foes, binding them with stone hands. He also uses this power to bring nature to barren places.

    Initial Issuance

    Minted: Unknown
    Type: Faction Leader
    Faction: Awakened
    Status: Unknown 
    Issuance date: Unknown

    Buy, Collect and Trade

    Be part of the game before its launch and collect advantages that will give you a heads up! Your first starter deck is offered when you buy an Akasha NFT: mythic, legendary or epic.