New Recruit of C.A.P.E.S. Power: Empathy, Relationships and Paradox

Ennui’s powers are a quirky mixture of emotions and digitisation, seemingly impossible in the modern world of social media and omnipresent digital connection.

Ennui’s subconscious influence on others has made her paranoid. The two-faced nature of the world around her, that she can easily sense, has pushed her to the brink of losing the trust on human beings, for good.

So to her belief, the only choice she is left with is to control her emotional state and powers, in order to shield people’s emotions from being sensed by her. Furthermore, Ennui prefers to stay aloof and maintain a very muted emotional state, though she misses being a social icon.
With the sudden onset of her powers, Ennui experienced extreme modulation of contrary emotions like ecstasy, depression, apprehension, hysteria during her time as a teen. This was time when she was approached by Akasha to join CAPES in order to learn to channel and accentuate her gift of transcendental emotional intelligence.

Origin & Stats


  1. Emoti-kinesis
    Ennui is able to read such a person’s emotional state by her seeing thought-bubbles containing emoticons.

With a certain amount of focus, she is able to establish telepathic links and pass short burst of energy to heighten or suppress those emotions.

  1. Ctrl C Emote
    Ennui can absorb the psyche of human beings around her like their thoughts, emotions, beliefs and most importantly their characteristic thought-process.

This has often helped Ennui to reason out, calm down and express optimum empathy towards people

  1. Ctrl V Emote (Future Ennui)
    With extreme penance as directed by Akasha, Ennui was able to break the barrier between standard human psyche and machine intelligence. This gave her the power to replace the entire psychic structure of her foes with a structure of a calmer and peace-loving kind.

Initial Issuance

Minted: Unknown
Type: Heroe
Status: Unknown 
Issuance date: Unknown

Buy, Collect and Trade

Be part of the game before its launch and collect advantages that will give you a heads up! Your first starter deck is offered when you buy an Ennui NFT: mythic, legendary or epic.