Leader of SUPER. Power – Foresight, Development, Morality and Co-existence
CAPES' Glimpse Card


Glimpse is a 67 year old black woman. She dresses in a sharp suit, and is often seen carrying a tablet in her amputated left arm (via a strap when not being held close to her torso). Glimpse has a prosthetic leg and usually wears modified slacks that make it easier to have access.

An ingenious businesswoman and technological pioneer, Glimpse is a superhero who harnesses the full potential of artificial intelligence, drones, and nano-bots.
She aims at shaping the modern world using her expertise and strategic thinking.
Despite having the technology to make an incredibly realistic and functioning replacement, she does not use a prosthetic on her missing arm, preferring to leave it as is since it is a part of who she is.
When looking at the future, it can be difficult to understand what is going on. With only a small snapshot to serve as reference – crucial context is lost. As such, she focuses on worldwide events rather than nuanced person-to-person interactions.

Origin & Stats


  1. Foresight
    Glimpse’s normal eye allows her to see into the future. She normally uses this power to find out who is in the most danger in a situation so she can rescue them first, or to predict an opponent’s move when it comes to a fight.

  2. Evoke Tech
    Glimpse employs and can summon a wide range of gadgets to enhance her hero abilities.
  3. Clairvoyance
    The Glowing eye lets her see her surroundings in any electro-magnetic spectrum, to detect nearby civilians, impending calamities and enemy tech equipment

With combined use of both her eyes of (Foresight and Techno-Cognizance) Glimpse can visualize impending calamities and threats before they strike.

Normally she can only see things a few moments from the present, with enough time, energy, and concentration, she can see bits of information from the farther future.

Initial Issuance

Minted: Unknown
Type: Faction Leader
Faction: Technologists
Status: Unknown 
Issuance date: May 2021

Buy, Collect and Trade

Be part of the game before its launch and collect advantages that will give you a heads up! Your first starter deck is offered when you buy a Glimpse NFT: mythic, legendary or epic.