Join C.A.P.E.S.’ Genesis

Prior to the launch of our game, we are offering a unique access to some amazing NFTs in our initial “Genesis” NFT Sale. Each NFT is offering special advantages:

Specific advantage in the card game that will help you solve our challenges faster and get a free deck*

Unique opportunity to be part of the early adopters before mass adoption

10% of proceeds are donated to help disadvantaged children

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CAPES Speedster


Be at the beginning of an amazing adventure and help us continue building the C.A.P.E.S. game and its related properties.
10% of proceeds are donated to the non profit GIVE Nation to empower children throughout the world.
Be eligible to own your first digital card deck
As an NFT holder you have personal, non-commercial rights to your “Genesis” NFT.

More Characters - Stickers given in schools

Token holders can vote on characters, personalities, characters are inspired from, etc.
Unlock 3 new NFT cards to enjoy and collect.
Some of the existing NFT holders will be chosen randomly to win one of the new cards.
$10,000 has been donated to GIVE Nation, empowering 2,000 children in disadvantaged areas #empowerchildren

Airdrops to existing NFT holders

Congratulations, you just unlocked 3 more exclusive cards!
Weekly community calls only for holders.

Character development starts to create our very first deck for the game.

$20,000 has been donated to GIVE Nation, empowering 4,000 children in disadvantaged areas #empowerchildren

New Giveaways-Airdrop

First 666 token holders will receive a special NFT inspired by the “Godfather” of nightlife in New York!
Game finalization for launch by Christmas of our starter deck including at least 50 cards and their related NFTs.
$40,000 has been donated to GIVE Nation, empowering 8,000 children in disadvantaged areas #empowerchildren

Test the CAPES game

Each CAPES NFT holder will be able to test the CAPES game and share their feedback to make it more entertaining. Together we can make the world a better place!
$60,000 has been donated to GIVE Nation, empowering 12,000 children in disadvantaged areas #empowerchildren

Caps and Mouse Pads

We release Caps and Mouse Pads for the launch of the game, claimable by every Token holder of a mythic NFT. Choose your merch!

Each CAPES token holder sponsoring a friend who purchases one of our NFT will get one of their choice.
Check on the store to see them already !
Partnerships with Blockchain, Art, and Game Events, worldwide: invitations to be sent to CAPES Holders.
$80,000 has been donated to GIVE Nation, empowering 16,000 children in disadvantaged areas #empowerchildren

Production Launch of our C.A.P.E.S. video game

Special Invite to Online Event with Celebrities such as Freddie Ravel (Madonna, Earth, Wind & Fire, Al Jarreau), Kongo (Hermes, Chanel, Richard Mille), …

Open discussion with them in our VIP lounge-room. Private and Limited access will be given to our NFT holders to engage with our celebrities.

$100,000 (!) has been donated to GIVE Nation, empowering 20,000 children in disadvantaged areas #empowerchildren

Giveaways: Physical Collectible Lithography

22 randomly selected token holders will receive a custom-made and signed physical collectible frame. An art piece with a limited number edition.
$130,000 has been donated to GIVE Nation, empowering 26,000 children in disadvantaged areas #empowerchildren

Physical tournament 1 free entry + first free deck

99 randomly selected token holders will be able to attend and play in the first tournament ever of the game (travel expenses not included).
You will be able to meet each other in person, play together, earn prices and exchange your NFTs.
$150,000 has been donated to GIVE Nation, empowering 30,000 children in disadvantaged areas #empowerchildren

Vote for your heroes

Token holders participate in the creation process, including voting on new booster cards, art and challenges for next steps of the game.
This is not design/writing by committee, this is the community getting to leave its mark on the creative process.
$170,000 has been donated to GIVE Nation, empowering 34,000 children in disadvantaged areas #empowerchildren

We made it!

A worldwide exhibition – both physical and digital will show all C.A.P.E.S NFTs . A metaverse event and live happenings in art galeries with our artists, with the game team (producer, developper, …), and with our celebrities-friends. All of capes nft owners will be invited to the “in person vernissage”, depending on their location.

The first worldwide online NFT auction will be organized !
$200,000 has been donated to GIVE Nation, empowering 50,000 children in disadvantaged areas #empowerchildren

Frequently Asked Questions

How many “Genesis” NFTs are there?

Initially there will be 11,718 “Genesis” NFTs. As the project hits certain milestones, the C.A.P.E.S. team will create new characters and finalize the game.
Every 6 months, we will issue additional Special NFTs to further finance the improvement of the game and give a chance to collectors to own rare CAPES’ NFTs. Only 10% of the previously issued NFTs will be offered. In other words, if the total of past issuances is 10,000, then only 1,000 new NFTs will be minted.
We’re holding 10% of any NFT issuance to give to the creators and folks behind the game, as well as for community giveaways.

How much does a “Genesis” NFT cost?

Please visit our “Genesis” Store on OpenSea.

What is so special about “Genesis” NFTs?

Besides being awesome collectibles and digital pieces of art, the “Genesis” NFTs represent the first opportunity for fans to directly fund content they want to play with. The money raised goes directly to the people behind the game and allows them to continue making more cards and finalize the game. No more big studios deciding what to produce; instead it’s the fans who get to decide what content gets made.
It also gives them access to unique advantages in the game and the opportunity to get unique perks.

Will there be more C.A.P.E.S. cards?

As the NFT launch is successful, more cards will be created and then unveiled. With your assistance, we will decide which heroes in “real” life should be featured in our game to be portrayed as Impact Superheroes and more.

How long does my “Genesis” NFT last?

Your “Genesis” NFT is a digital art collectible and lasts forever.

What can I do with my “Genesis” NFT?

Your NFT cards give you access to a free digital card deck. Collect it : you will be able to own a rare art NFT…

Will the NFTs be sold in the open marketplace?

“Genesis” NFTs can be purchased and resold on secondary marketplaces like Opensea.

Can I resell my NFTs?

Yes. C.A.P.E.S. tokens can be resold on NFT marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible. If a C.A.P.E.S NFToken is resold, there will be a 2.5% royalty to C.A.P.E.S.. 10% of proceeds goes to GIVE Nation 501c3 to help kids become philanthropists and learn about crypto sustainable financial literacy.

Where can I interact with other “Genesis” NFT collectors?

Please join our Telegram channel :) and discuss the latest information about C.A.P.E.S.

What blockchain are these NFTs minted on?

NFTs are minted on ERC-721 compliant contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. This is the most widely-supported format for digital collectibles.

Can I purchase the NFTs with a credit card?

No. In order to purchase a “Genesis” NFT, you will need to have a digital wallet holding ethereum cryptocurrency.

How do I purchase a “Genesis” NFT?

In order to purchase a “Genesis” NFT, you will need to purchase ETH From a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase or Gemini and transfer that ETH into a non-custodial digital wallet like MetaMask compatible wallets. There’s many options, but if you’re reading this you should probably use metamask.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help:

  • Use Chrome as your browser.
  • Install Metamask as a Chrome extension and set up your wallet.*
  • Create a Coinbase account. In your Coinbase account buy Ethereum.
  • In Coinbase, send your Ethereum to your Metamask Wallet.
  • Now you have Ether in your Metamask wallet, can sign up at on OpenSea and buy the NFTs when they launch.

*Having trouble getting started with Metamask? This is for you.

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