Arnaud Paul, a social entrepreneur, international speaker, a Reiki Master, transformational coach, recipient of numerous innovation honors and awards, is passionate about technology. Though he was born in France, he is now a citizen of the world. Arnaud is passionate about technology and how it can benefit humanity. He uses his passion for helping people and businesses reach their full potential. As a speaker at major conferences worldwide on Blockchain and Social Impact Solicited, he has created a significant social impact. He firmly believes that capitalism is more than profit. It can have a positive effect on the company or individual stakeholders. It has helped him raise millions through different platforms.  

Arnaud Supports Blockchain-Based Gaming  

With a specialization in finance, texts, and spiritual quality, his experience includes various financial fields. HealThruWords is one of his associations with the Heartfulness movement. He is associated with the GIVE Nation Foundation, which helps kids learn financial literacy and supports charities worldwide. With the help of this cryptocurrency-based game, it allows kids to support charities and help them get financial education at school. Not only do you enjoy a gaming experience, but you also inculcate the habit of giving.  

Visionary Technologist 

He is not only a pioneer in the gaming industry, but a visionary and technologist as well. Through his conscious capitalism approach, Arnaud Saint-Paul is helping business owners and individuals to improve their personal and professional lives. His latest method helps clients realize their full potential. This is key to his client’s financial success, continuous growth, and well-being.  

What does Arnaud Believe?  

He is a firm believer of conscious capitalism and talks about potentials, not just external achievement, but also about inner prospects. He believes that technology can help us be more compassionate, grateful, and socially driven in every aspect of our lives. Technology, like media, can help us deliver the social value our society requires for long-term growth and healthy survival. 

Charity Perspective  

He is a leader who leads with his heart and teaches his business executives the Heartfelt Leadership Method. In addition, he works for teaching 1,000,000 children how to help charities and financial literacy. Arnaud is a visionary with a passion for bringing about positive change in many areas. He is a firm believer in maximizing his time and using technology to make humanity more aware, happier, and more prosperous.