Over the past few months, you may have heard a lot about NTFs. These magical little blockchain innovations allow users to own the rights to digital property. But a lot of people may not know what NFTs are exactly and why anyone would choose to build a platform around them.

So, what is an NFT?

NFT stands for ‘Non-Fungible Token.’ We can spend hours discussing what they are and how they work, but here is the basic gist: NTFs are simply small units of data that are stored on a digital ledger known as ‘blockchain’. Blockchain allows users to place identifying markers on each individual piece of data in order to make it 100% unique. If you own one of these pieces of data, it belongs to you and you only.

With NFTs you can attach this ‘marker’ data to pieces of art, photos, audio files, and more. This allows buyers to be the sole owner of a digital piece of work. That fact creates value, but also generates intrigue.

So, why use NFT technology for CAPES?

Well, at Give Nation we decided we wanted to create a game that combines art with altruism. We wanted to combine the ability to create collectible cards that have actual value while also adding in a charitable aspect. Because of this, we believed that NFT technology was the only way we could make this happen.

CAPES works by allowing players to try and solve problems through the game mechanics. When they do, they unlock an NFT. That then triggers a real-life donation to a specified charity. The charity in question is the one that has contributed actively to solving that problem or equation. Much like mining Bitcoin–but a lot more fun!

However, unlike Bitcoin, we are working on the Tezos protocol–which is very eco-friendly. We believed that the capabilities of the Tezos protocol mixed with the benefits of the game would create an exciting product for our customers. They can mine NTFs, help raise funds for charities, and enjoy an eco-friendly card game all at the same time.

Our goal is to create a game that changes the world of blockchain and NFTs forever. We believe the final product will be something truly spectacular. As always, I’m Arnaud Saint-Paul.

Until next time.