As we begin to develop the blockchain network for CAPES, the dream is finally starting to look like it might be much bigger than we ever imagined. This is all thanks to the power and capability of our NFT rewards built on the Tezos Protocol. But, what exactly does that mean in practice? And how is CAPES connected to Give Nation?

Let’s answer the easiest question first – How is CAPES connected to Give Nation?

Give Nation is, simply put, a collection of non-profit charitable organizations. Its expertise is in working alongside charitable organizations to help improve the lives of everyone on this planet. The main benefit that Give Nation brings to CAPES is their personal experience and network in this area.

CAPES is a game designed to allow children–and adults–to get involved with charitable causes. This involves having charitable causes to give to in the first place. Give Nation helps connect CAPES to these causes, as well as personally vets each and every non-profit beforehand. Give Nation will also provide personal knowledge of social challenges, solutions, and community education/outreach for CAPES as well.

Now, what about the first question? What are Reward NTFs?

Well Reward NFTs are the driving force behind CAPES. They are essentially prizes that players receive for solving problems within the game. These problems are always unique and vary in difficulty. The game itself allows non-profits as well as individual players and corporations to donate in real-time to problems they wish to see solved most within the game.

 These donations raise funds that grow larger and larger every day until the problem is finally solved within the game. The player gets the NFT as a reward and the charitable cause get’s a donation. This helps get players, families, non-profits, and corporations excited about the game!

In essence, when problems are solved, NFTs are rewarded and monetary donations are made simultaneously. The more excited the community is about a problem within the game, the more finances are raised through donations toward solving that problem. This brings the community together as well!

We hope that this innovative approach to NFT technology will allow players to feel like they are a part of something greater. We are excited to see how the game grows, and how the community responds to his new way of giving and problem-solving. As always, I’m Arnaud Saint-Paul.

            Until next time.