The modern age of technology allows us to begin teaching new and exciting subjects at earlier ages, as well as to a much wider audience. Where once children had to physically travel to a classroom to learn, they can now access that knowledge at their fingertips. This opportunity is something that myself and our team here at Give Nation aimed to take advantage of.

            Hello, I’m Arnaud Saint-Paul. I am the co-founder of Give Nation, and together alongside my friends and teammates, we created CAPES; a fast paced, educational, and fun digital trading card game.

            CAPES was designed to help teach young children the value of financial literacy. It allows children to think critically about real world issues and scenarios, while also learning to adapt to and solve these issues through the game. The game centers around superheroes that work within three separate factions:

  • Spiritualists.
  • Technologists.
  • Industrialists.

            Here you can see three different factions of society that will force the players into differing roles and strategies. All the while the players will be able to increase NFT value in the real world to raise funds for charity. This is done through donations as the game is played and stats are raised by each player.

            But of course, CAPES isn’t only for children. Adults, teenagers, and young adults can all enjoy the game. The ultimate goal of CAPES is to help build a knowledge of sustainable financial literacy, how digital currencies and technologies such as blockchain work, how to earn money from art and intellectual property, and general problem solving skills–all while playing a fun and engaging card game.

            Myself, Give Nation, and the CAPES team all welcome you to join in on the adventure. Together we can raise future generations to learn to be philanthropists, how to grow themselves, and engage their critical thinking at a young age.

            So, do you want to play a round with us?

Video Transcription:

“Hi, my name is Arnaud Saint-Paul. I’m the co founder of GIVE Nation and of CAPES game.

How did capes come together?

Well, at GIVE Nation, what we’re focusing on is bringing a nation for all the children in the world for them to become philanthropist and practice sustainable financial literacy.

So within that scope, we thought that what if we could create a game that empowers children and their parents, of course, and all the young adults and teens to play and at the same time to have some education about the challenges we face in our society, and benefit from Art. And at the same time, trigger donations to charities, that will be amazing!

And so that’s what we’re coming and putting together. It’s a characters game. We have superheroes and they are in three different factions, spiritualist technologists, and industrialists.

Together, they are going to collaborate and solve Earth challenges. Players play with their cards and get their stats up. And then at some point, they have challenges to solve. And when you do that, more NF T’s come up and donations are made. So it’s very interesting. It’s all about education is all about helping the kids as well at the same time and having fun, of course.

So looking forward having fun with you.