Mystery Glimpse NFT

Leader of SUPER. Power – Foresight

Mystery Card CAPES

Origin & Stats


Glimpse is a 67 year old black woman. She dresses in a sharp suit, and is often seen carrying a tablet in her amputated left arm (via a strap when not being held close to her torso). Glimpse has a prosthetic leg and usually wears modified slacks that make it easier to have access.

She’s standing, looking at the distance beyond the image frame. One eye glows with a trailing light that crosses over her cheek, dissipating into small flecks as it passes by her hair. Just beyond the reach of her outstretched hand, she can see a hovering technological device – translucent, as if ghostly and not fully of this world.


Glimpse is not only a superhero, but also a successful businesswoman and technological pioneer. She wants to bring the modern world into the future. In things such as artificial intelligence, drones, and microbots, she is an expert. Despite having the technology to make an incredibly realistic and functioning replacement, she does not use a prosthetic on her missing arm, preferring to leave it as is since it is a part of who she is. She uses a leg prosthetic, but only for the purpose of mobility.

Glimpse has the power of foresight, which allows her to see into the future. Normally she can only see things a few moments from the present, with enough time, energy, and concentration, she can see bits of information from the farther future. She normally uses this power to find out who is in the most danger in a situation so she can rescue them first, or to predict an opponent’s move when it comes to a fight. She also employs a wide range of gadgets to enhance her hero abilities like a radar sensor that can detect nearby civilians, or a smart-parachute that deploys if she falls too far.

Initial Issuance

Minted: Unknown
Type: Heroe
Status: Unknown 
Issuance date: May 2021