CAPES Is beginning to take shape. After consulting with game’s experts and formulating the base idea, the game has begun to evolve into the earliest stages of development. The team here at Give Nation has had a very exciting month!

The bulk of the efforts at this time have been towards developing the game rules themselves. After all, how can one have a successful game if the game isn’t fun to play? So, we have been hard at work developing the player types, card artwork, card abilities, turn rules, and more. We are hoping to achieve a well-polished final result that is both exciting, engaging, and addicting for players!

The most interesting development has been in the artwork. We have taken on some exceptional talents in that department, and the cards themselves are looking beautiful. The artist team has been working closely with our team to create artwork that fits the lore and world of the game perfectly. The card artwork is vibrant, colorful, and filled with superhero action.

 Aside from developing the game itself, our team has also had some exciting opportunities for investment. Our very first listed company in Europe has approached us as well as a blockchain group that wishes to build the technology stack for CAPES as well as Give Nation. These investments of time, as well as finances, are a huge boost to the game in these early stages!

 So, our ecosystem is taking shape, and CAPES is beginning to look like a reality more and more each day. As always, I’m Arnaud Saint-Paul, Co-Founder of Give Nation and CAPES.

            Until next time.

Video Transcription:

“Hi, my name is Arnaud Saint-Paul, co-founder of giving nation and capes.

Today we’re going to talk about CAPES takes shape. And that’s for March 2021.

We started with continuing our work on building the rules and finding more characters and finding our ways between the different possibilities and shaping the world that CAPES is becoming nowadays.

And fortunately, our team grew with more artists coming in so that we can start making the actual visual design related to the game. And we also had an exciting brainstorming that was really cool. And finding the first partnerships and investments

Actually, we had a listed company in Europe, the Blockchain Group that came in and wanted to invest and building the technology stack that will both serve the capes ecosystem and the game nation ecosystem.

And so we’re very happy to have them and we have been able to make a lot of progress, working on that and building the innovations that our community deserves and building our ecosystem.

More in the next video. Bye”