They say it takes a village to raise a family. Well, it takes an army to design a digital card game. That is a lesson that our team here at Give Nation has been learning the hard way these past few months. However, the lesson has been educational, challenging, and incredible to say the least.

Our team set out to create CAPES in February of 2021. We had made a goal for ourselves to design a digital card game that would be both educational and philanthropic at the same time. We wanted to build a game around teaching children how to understand financial literacy, NFTs, and other future life skills.

The entire process involved far more than just our small team here at Give Nation. We had to set out to find the best designers, technical advisors, developers, artists, and so much more.

The first challenge was to come up with the concept for the game itself. We needed a storyline, rules, a basic concept of what we wanted the game to do and how we wanted it to feel, and of course… We needed a name.

Well, today we are happy to announce to you that all of that has come together. We have the characters with a story to tell and gorgeous artwork to carry it. We have engaging and fun rules that make the game fun and keep it fast-paced. And, to top it all off, we have the name: CAPES.

Although we have laid the groundwork for much of what the game is and will become, we are far from done. We are still, even now, working alongside our game advisors to learn how to fully develop and flesh out the technical aspects of the game alongside the financial and NFT aspects as well.

Our goal to make a game that is both fun and educational as well as utilitarian is no easy task. We need to make sure that all three major threads weave together to make a single, strong braid. This takes time, and every day we become one weave closer to the final product.

 We cannot wait to share with you how the game has turned out, and how you can play your very first match of CAPES. In the end, we believe the effort will all have been worth it. We look forward to changing the world one card, match, child, and donation at a time.

Video Transcription:

“So capes is born.

That’s February 2021 and we are excited to look with our newfound designers for building the card game. We found the name first and foremost, C.A.P.E.S., as you know it today. We then worked on the first rules to establish the game and the storyline and characters, etc. And that was very exciting.

We were also able to work with some amazing advisors that brought in their knowledge and their network and really see where and how we could build up our roadmap and figuring out what we need to do at a tech level. Also, where we need to go at the game level and also understand better how we can bring in the community and look for support and engage with them. And that’s what we’re working on now.

Also, today as we speak, but overall it is about seeing how we can build a better game for all of us.