C.A.P.E.S Game has Created the First NFT Cards to Support the Sustainability of the Planet.

When Paris’ Graffiti meets L.A. Music, they go digital and a “Masterpiece” NFT is created in support of C.A.P.E.S, a card collection looking forward to helping promote financial literacy for a more sustainable planet.

The Artists are committed alongside C.A.P.E.S in a solidarity movement to educate the next generation for a better world. Cyril Kongo and Freddie Ravel have donated their time to create this NFT to help support the C.A.P.E.S mission. The full video can be seen here.

The first NFT cards to support the UN SDGs

C.A.P.E.S. is the first physical and digital NFT cards for social impact.

Freddie Ravel, exceptional pianist, and the master of aerosol paint, Cyril Kongo, partnered together as they both believe in fostering empathy, compassion and altruism in the next generation of the world! This incredible co-creation combining painting, music and technology has created an NFT, unlike no other.

This unique collaboration between these two artists, Kongo in Paris, while Ravel in Los Angeles, CA enabled the creation of a stunning video of this unprecedented performance will be mined as an NFT “masterpiece”! An artistic movement is born.

Very rare NFTs will be auctioned, and variations will be created and sold at different fixed prices to be accessible to as many people as possible and equally satisfy art collectors, tech-savvy “gamers” and environmentalists.

About Cyril Kongo, “from the city walls to the canvases of his studio, Kongo’s work goes
digital with C.A.P.E.S game”

Cyril Kongo is an urban artist who made his debut in Île de France in the 1980s. Travelling through Asia but taking inspiration from our greatest poets, Charles Baudelaire and Guy de Maupassant has become his muses. And, he developed his art to take graffiti into new spheres. Visionary artist, Kongo has been able to combine urban art with prestigious know-how. Thus, he notably reinvented the iconic silk scarf of the house of Hermès or even revolutionized the world of watchmaking by working on a daring project with Richard Mille. Excellence, passion and transmission are his engines. With this in mind that he creates Colorful artwork to share, always through aerosol paint, his knowledge and his culture to the youngest. The values carried by C.A.P.E.S and Kongo’s commitment to a fulfilling and personal education naturally inspired this artist! The created work is “alive” and imbued with the artist’s favorite tools: colors and vocabulary. This performance born in the streets of Paris, on three canvases of 1.30X1.60M, will then be anchored in digital thanks to the creation of three NFTs and their variations.

About Freddie Ravel, “likes to fill the space between notes”

Freddie Ravel, an outstanding musician, made his debut in California, wherefrom the age of seven he did not fail – already! – to use his strengths as a manager with his music teachers. Accordion, drums, guitar … It took a long time to listen to our star pianist! Earth, wind and fire, Prince, Madonna, Sergio Mendes, Al Jarreau, Carlos Santana, Khaled all had the chance to be accompanied by his melodies. Ravel is not an ordinary musician. He dreams of a better future where music serves as a central pragmatism for a more harmonious and happier world. It is with this in mind that he created “Life in Tune” based on sustainable development (including the seventeen United Nations SDGs) and education. Thus, he puts his passion at the service of the well-being of everyone and civil society. The exceptional performance of such a long improvisation – the longest in the history of music? – reflects all the depth inspired by the altruism and solidarity of the project.

About C.A.P.E.S

C.A.P.E.S. is the very first blockchain-based NFT card series that seeks to create a charitable movement. This is the most recent addition to the GIVE Nation ecosystem (www.givenation.world), which offers school curricula on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. C.A.P.E.S. is a fun tool that specifically seeks to support responsible and financial education to improve life on earth. To participate in this responsible momentum, to finally envision a society in which it is good to live, hear about this first global initiative that combines technology, a better future and education.

C.A.P.E.S: Art and Education

C.A.P.E.S makes art and education accessible to all audiences. The roles are reversed, the younger generations finally have their future in hand and CAPES leaves it to them to engage their elders in a world where digital technology combines responsible finance, artistic and ecological awareness. By gamifying philanthropy, C.A.P.E.S. provides a learning environment where giving is an intrinsic part of the mechanics of the game. This helps simultaneously foster deep socio-emotional skills as well as children’s awakening