Mystery Akasha NFT

Leader of the Awakened. Power – Retrocognition and Terrakinesis

Mystery Card CAPES

Origin & Stats


The mysterious leader of the Awakened named Akasha is a calm and collected man with little known about him. He has a close relationship with nature, and strives to bring all of humanity into harmony with it. Although he often wears an expressionless demeanor, he is a very kind and compassionate avatar, which is why he decided to become a hero in the first place.



He has the power of retrocognition, which allows him to touch someone and experience their past as if it was his own. He uses this ability for many purposes, like helping people with emotional suffering, and against foes to tell if they are lying. Through this power he has learned much, and has also become one of the world’s most knowledgeable historians. It is his goal to make sure mankind does not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Akasha also has the power of terrakinesis. This power allows him to manipulate earth at will. While he tries to avoid physical conflict whenever possible, he can use this to subdue foes, binding them with stone hands. He also uses this power to bring nature to barren places.

Initial Issuance

Minted: Unknown
Type: Heroe
Status: Unknown 
Issuance date: May 2021